Mediation With Purpose

Go Forward With Purpose has membership of the Resolution Institute

Disputes/disagreements do not have to mean the end – no do they have to drag on, prove unnecessarily expensive or be handled by solicitors.

Disagreements are not always recognised as disputes or potential disputes – when two or more parties cannot agree on a resolution to a problem and it is not dealt with in a timely and efficient manner it becomes a dispute. In many instances it results in going to court with associated expense and stress.

There is a solution – Mediation.

Mediation is suitable for resolving a range of disputes/disagreements including family, business, finance, real estate, commercial, and workplace. It is also less expensive and quicker than the legal approach and if adopted earlier enough results in an improved understanding, “friendly” and respectable resolution and even an ongoing/repaired relationship.

Mediation With Purpose follows a recognised process that allows participants to examine the real problems, make decisions and create an outcome that addresses concerns and needs. A mediator is not the decision maker but encourages the parties – with empathy – achieve a settlement that has a purpose for all concerned.

Go Forward With Purpose has membership of the Resolution Institute.